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Certificate in Online Teaching Courses

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  • Methods 1: Introduction to Online Teaching

    Course Start Date(s): Spring 2020 - March 18

    This course is designed to introduce participants to foundational skills and information that will give them a broad overview of the methodology of online  teaching. It provides an exploration of the history and  standards that have helped develop the  …

  • Methods II: Online Teaching Tools & Techniques

    Course Start Date(s): Summer 2020 - July 6, Winter 2020 - Jan 20

    This course focuses on depth of knowledge through the application of skills, giving participants the tools to teach online effectively. Candidates learn ways to encourage academic integrity and explore tools to verify student work is authentic. Candida …

  • Online Teaching with Practicum

    Course Start Date(s): Fall 2020 - Oct 5, Spring 2020 - March 2, Winter 2020 - Jan 13

    This course will allow participants to practice and master the skills they have learned in both Methods classes by using them. Participants will be paired with a cooperating teacher licensed and working online in the area of the participant’s endorseme …