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Session Descriptions

Thursday, April 4th

60 Minute Sessions (Morning)

Design Thinking Workshop

Have you heard of design thinking and wondered what it is all about? This is your chance to participate in a design thinking exercise, identify a problem, and design a prototype to solve the problem. Next, we will apply that same framework to a challenge in your classroom to practice real world application of this framework. You’ll leave the workshop with an actionable idea to use in your classroom and a framework to use for life!

The First 48 Hours

Engage Early and Engage Often! Statistics show that students who login within the first few days of class are more inclined to be successful online learners.  Early engagement is crucial to help stimulate student motivation and to make sure they are off to a good start. The goal of this session is to share some great tips and techniques from VTVLC’s Student Success Coach on how to engage your students within the first 48 hours and to share other’s experiences and ideas. This session is for teachers, school counselors and students; Come and join the discussion!

Anytime, Anywhere - On Demand Class Management

Creating personalized courses can be a very daunting experience. However, using a framework of “Structured Flexibility”, we can leverage various anchor points to ensure students progress with their pacing and are provided ample opportunity to reassess for proficiency. This session will discuss some of the best practices for working with students to facilitate On-Demand courses.

College Board AP: Analyzing Results & Expectations

This work session is a chance for all AP course instructors to meet and discuss strategies and expectations to improve our results in offering AP level courses to online students.  We will begin by analyzing data such as test results, drop rates, and enrollment numbers to determine where our successes and weaknesses are.  Instructors will be given a chance to discuss common frustrations and needed areas of support.  In the end, we will produce a list of recommended expectations and requirements to strengthen student success. 


Using Video in Your Online Course

Video, both synchronous and asynchronous, are important ways to connect with online students and create a sense of teacher presence.  Together we will share our best practices in working with video in online classes and explore several ways of creating live and recorded video together.



Tools of Engagement: Online Games Students Love

Come explore several websites that our middle school students beg for! We will demonstrate the teacher and student experiences for Gimkit, Quizlet, Kahoot, and Quizizz. There will be time at the end of the session for educators to compare, contrast, brainstorm, and begin building their own game in the platform of their choice.




Mathematical Concepts & Online Tools

Experts say conceptual understanding in math not only promotes deeper understanding of the materials presented, but rather improves practical problem solving skills. Some abstract concepts in mathematics help us to analyze the nature surrounding us but often lost in textual translation of the theory. The objective of this presentation is to walk through a few examples that illustrate how to address and come up with some creative solutions together for some of our students’ mind boggling questions.  In this day & age of technical computing and IOT, exploration of relevant quality online resources are paramount. Therefore, implementation of these tools in virtual teaching is necessary and can be addressed.

We will focus on the design and some specific tools to conduct a discussion on spectrum of activities engaging students at various levels suitable to their grade levels. The goal is to create an appropriate learning environment for our kids to improve their conceptual understanding besides answering some of the confusing questions they may have. We will also address how technology can help student to attain this goal.




30 Minute Sessions (Afternoon)

So Many Tools & Apps to Choose - Getting the Right Tool for the Right Job

The marketplace for educational tools and apps to enhance online and blended learning is increasing exponentially. How do educators go about choosing the right tools to help ensure student success? In this session participants will understand how to go through this process from pilot to adoption and receive a copy of a tool to help compare and rank competitors for your attention and educational dollars.







Bringing Literature to Life in Your Virtual Classroom

Three High School English Language Arts teachers from Greenfield Commonwealth Virtual (GCVS) present using Poetry Out Loud, Actively Learn, Cameras & Microphone, Creative Drama exercises and other digital tools as ways to engage students who are not in the same physical space together. In this information session, we will present strategies and anecdotes from our teaching to show what works and does not work in this environment.  In a digital age, when fewer people are reading print text, these tools help teachers both engage students with text and hold them accountable for their reading.








Making the Most of Maestro

Maestro can feel like a foreign land. Come to this session to become more familiar with the variety of tools you have to support the students in your VTVLC course. 









Tools, Tips & Tricks for Design and Reuse

In an effort to facilitate the use of Canvas by their faculty, many institutions provide a pre-designed template. Using examples from our online courses, we highlight the advantages and disadvantages of doing so and propose a proven and effective approach to designing courses that supports an instructor’s unique teaching style. In this session, we will share the tools, tips, and, more importantly, resources that allow instructors to quickly learn how to use Canvas and effectively use its tools to teach online.










Engaging Teenagers in Online Learning

GCVS requires the students to attend live classes each day of the week.  We would like to share some of the strategies that we use to engage and motivate the easily distractible middle school students. We will open up our bag of tricks and demonstrate how we keep students thinking, engaged and actively learning. Come join us for a fun and engaging presentation that models our methods.










Improving Student Participation Inside & Outside the Classroom

Join us to learn about ways of increasing student participation among our students, with the help of two programs that integrate with Canvas; Badgr and Dropout Detective.

Badgr makes project accomplishments exciting by letting students accrue badges as they complete various tasks. Students can see the progress of others by their unique user names instead of their actual names. The collecting of badges and comparing to peer accomplishment can foster healthy competition and excited engagement in their studies.

Dropout Detective acts as a way to monitor the grades and participation of the entire school body. This helps administration to prioritize outreach to students in the most need of support. Administrators, teachers and support staff all have personalized dashboards reflecting only their own students and have unique views to help keep tabs on the trends of their students. Dropout Detective monitors grades, quantity of missing work, dates of last submissions and allows for staff to note steps taken or to alert peers of concerns or other important situational information. Concise student data can speed up our ability to react to these students with targeted attention and timely family outreach.











Flash Sessions! (Morning)

Northeast Online Teaching Institute (NEOTI)

Do you teach online?  Would you like to?   In this flash session learn how NEOTI can help you earn professional learning hours to renew your Online Teaching Specialist endorsement or help you earn it.  We have a variety of flexible courses if you are looking for professional learning on your own schedule.   We are constantly adding new courses to help improve the skills of online teachers.   We also offer a Certificate in Online Teaching program that leads to your OTS endorsement.   All of our classes are 100% online.

National Board Certification

Interested in National Board Certification?  This Flash Session is to introduce you to the process and the support your teacher’s union provides for candidates.


Vermont Computer Science Endorsement

Computer Science is an important field in today’s world, helping all students to gain skills in computational thinking and to understand the world around them.   There are currently only 26 Computer Science Educator teachers licensed in Vermont.   Would you like to be one of the teachers who will increase that number in the next couple years?   Come learn the ways you can gain a CSE endorsement.

Elementary in a Flash

Want to know what makes FLVS elementary courses so effective for student success? This Flash Session will introduce you to the new FLVS Elementary suite of courses!



Canvas Update: Non-Scoring Rubrics and Outcomes

Proficiency Based rating scales often cause more questions than answers for students and parents. Come learn changes Canvas made in 2018 to Rubrics and Outcomes to eliminate confusion and add flexibility.


Canvas Update: Student-Centered Dashboard

Students asked and Canvas delivered. After listening to student users of Canvas, we released a List View dashboard to help students manage tasks across their courses and take ownership of their activities.


Canvas Update: Analytics 2.0

The first phase of many enhancements to our Analytics engine was released in 2018. Come check out new classroom level analytics and how you can take action on your data to improve student achievement.



Canvas Update: Content Management

How can we ensure fidelity to our curriculum and ensure equity across a district or state?  Come see Canvas’s newest Content Management tools to push content, approve content and share content within or across Canvas institutions. (This session is best suited for district administrators and curriculum directors.)