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Program Sequence

Keyboard with Start Learning on Key


Methods I

Methods I introduces experienced teachers to the facilitation of online courses and working with students from a distance.  Best practices and workflow are scaffolded by comparisons to traditional teaching methodologies.

Offered in March and October


Methods II

A variety of tools are introduced to the participant in order to expand the knowledge and performance of the teacher with the methodologies used to facilitate online courses, building their online community, and provide strategies for students that require additional supports and accommodations.

Offered in January & July



Under the supervision of an experienced online educator in the teacher’s content area, teacher candidates will be provided opportunities to practice their skills in an online course and lead class discussions, facilitate lessons, and provide assessment feedback.

Offered in March & October

Total Program Weeks

Certificate in Online Teaching

Add this valuable credential to your resume and enhance your teaching license. In Vermont earn your add-on Online Teaching Specialist endorsement to be authorized to teach students from a distance who are enrolled in online coursework.