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Do you need your Vermont Online Teaching Specialist (OTS) endorsement?

All Vermont educators facilitating online coursework with Vermont students must obtain the 5440-25 Online Teaching Specialist (OTS) endorsement.

Our Certificate in Online Teaching Meets the OTS Standards

In order to qualify for the Endorsement, you must meet each of the standards of the OTS endorsement with a credit bearing college class that meets that standard.   The Vermont AOE officially agrees that taking our sequence of Methods 1, Methods 2, and the Online Teaching with Practicum classes will allow you to meet each of these OTS standards.   While many of these standards can be meet through classes you take elsewhere, NEOTI’s Online Teaching with Practicum is currently the only offering in Vermont that allows you to complete the required online practicum in a K-12 class.   Through our partnership with VTVLC we have access to a large number of online classes that Vermont students are taking right now.   VTVLC’s teachers are experienced online educators who can lead you through teaching online for the first time.

In order to earn this add-on endorsement you must be a licensed Vermont educator who currently hold a PK-12 educator license with at least one primary content endorsement.

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